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Intercountry Adoption/Immigration

Identified International Adoption

Our office specializes in identified international adoptions. Typically, this is a situation where a foreign national is adopting a relative and needs assistance to obtain legal status for the adopted child. Not every country allows Americans to adopt and not every adopted child will qualify for a visa to come to the United States. We can help you assess your individual situation and guide you through the process.

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Citizenship for Adopted Children

Many international adoptive parents are surprised when they apply for a passport for their child to learn that their child is not really a U.S. citizen. The Immigration rules are complex. We can quickly assess your child's citizenship status and assist you with the application for a Certificate of Citizenship, if necessary. In some cases, you will be required to re-adopt your child in the U.S. in order to qualify for citizenship. We handle re-adoptions for families that live in Virginia and can refer other families to legal counsel in their home state.

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Children Present In the U.S.

Maybe the child you wish to adopt is a foreign citizen. We can help you assess whether the adoption will allow your child to apply for U.S. Citizenship. Since April 1, 2008, the Hague Convention Treaty on Adoption has completely changed the rules for adoption finalized after that date even if the child is living in the US. You are strongly encouraged to consult us or another Immigration attorney familiar with the Hague Convention Treaty on Adoption before you begin the adoption process. We partner with attorneys and families around the country. Learn more( Adoption_Policy_Conference)

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