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Agency and Foster Care Finalization

LawAdoption.comIf a child is placed with you through foster care or a private agency, we can help you finalize your child’s adoption.

When can we start the process?

Once a child has been placed with you, your social worker will arrange three post-placement visits during the first six months. By law, the first and last visits have to be separated by 90 days. The agency may visit more frequently, but only three visits are required.

In Virginia, your legal pleadings can be filed just after the six-month anniversary date of your obtaining physical custody of your child.

How long will a Finalization take in Virginia?

Approximately four months after the legal pleadings are filed.

How much does a Finalization cost?

Typically, you can expect legal fees, birth certificate fees, and court costs will be approximately $1800. If your child qualifies as “special needs”, the adoption subsidy may cover all or part of this cost.

Can you describe the process?

  1. Informational meeting with Adoption attorney.
  2. Client obtains Adoption Tax ID # from
  3. Adoption attorney drafts legal pleadings and contacts your agency to obtain written consent to the adoption.
  4. Adoption attorney files pleadings and required forms with Circuit Court. Judge enters Order of Reference directing agency to prepare Investigative Report within 60 days.
  5. Agency drafts Investigative Report and forwards to the Commisioner and the court.
  6. The adoption attorney prepares Final Order and new birth certificate request.
  7. One month later, you receive copies of your child's Final Order of Adoption.
  8. Birth Certificate arrives in 4 months.
  9. Client obtains new social security number.

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